Friday, February 15, 2008

Forgotten beauty of poetry

As a young student in school, the class that I looked forward to the most was English. There were good teachers and not so good teachers but it didn’t matter to me as I was transported into another world reading the poems or enacting the plays in my head. In my mind I created my own scene of Portia and Shylock as I read Merchant of Venice. I had not seen daffodils but I fell in love with it as I read Wordsworth’s poem.
Over the years, I forgot about this passion as I studied Engineering and went on with my career . Occasionally I felt this same emotion when I walked out on an early spring morning trampling the dew covered grass to see a fruit or flower that had just bloomed in my garden.
When we started the dead poets’ society, I was a little apprehensive as I have enjoyed reading poetry in solitude but I discovered that it was a lot more fun to share the joy with friends.
I had forgotten this part of me and I am so happy to have discovered it again. It is in those moments that we feel close to nature, do we actually live. Poetry is one that goes straight to your heart makes you feel one with nature. It is a beautiful thing never to be forgotten again !

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